Lovely Azores (São Miguel Island)

I was looking forward to my trip to the Azores and the truth is that I was delighted with so much beauty. Despite being in Portugal, it has a unique beauty that I even forgot it was in my country. … Continue reading “Lovely Azores (São Miguel Island)”

Pulau Redang, Malaysia paradise

If Perhentian took my breath away, Redang filled my heart! Water is a sharpness as he had never seen. The boat left us right in front of our hotel Sari Pacifica Resort. The swimming pool facing the beach was anticipating … Continue reading “Pulau Redang, Malaysia paradise”

Ilha do Sal, Cape Vert charm

Discovered in 1460 by the Portuguese Diogo Afonso and the Italian Antonio di Noli, this island originally named Llana , quickly won the “Sal” name due to heavy exploitation of salt. The 4/5 hour flight from Europe, the beaches, the … Continue reading “Ilha do Sal, Cape Vert charm”

Coral View Resort: the right choice

We stayed at the Coral View Island Resort, a small hotel consisting of bungalows on the beach, for which we paid 655oMYR = 181 usd for 3 nights, double room with air conditioning, but without breakfast, which did not make much … Continue reading “Coral View Resort: the right choice”