Maldives at low cost, the new trend

When people recommended me to visit Maldives, my first thought would be …”I’m not rich!” But times have changed and making the Maldives in a low-cost budget is a trend, even because it turns the whole experience much more real. … Continue reading “Maldives at low cost, the new trend”

Menorca, the pearl of the Balearics

Menorca is the second largest island of the Balearic archipelago. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is known for it’s beautiful beaches. It is easily reachable by plane, with direct flights from several cities, like for example: Madrid and … Continue reading “Menorca, the pearl of the Balearics”


Upon arrival at the hotel I was impressed with the reception staff who welcomed me in a very loving way. The sun began to fade and then I went to one of the sun loungers available on the beach, to … Continue reading “COCO GROVE BEACH RESORT – SIQUIJOR”

Siquijor – The enchanted island in Philippines

Siquijor is known for enchanted island in a sense of black magic, but the only thing I found was an extremely positive energy. I reached the island by ferry (below I explain how I got in and out of the island) and … Continue reading “Siquijor – The enchanted island in Philippines”

Sari Pacifica Resort – Pulau Redang, Malaysia

The hotel managed by Chinese had free wifi and the rooms were huge, clean and modern. In the bathroom we could take a shower or pour into the tub. We paid 1,818 MYR = 390 euros for 4 nights in … Continue reading “Sari Pacifica Resort – Pulau Redang, Malaysia”

Pulau Redang, Malaysia paradise

If Perhentian took my breath away, Redang filled my heart! Water is a sharpness as he had never seen. The boat left us right in front of our hotel Sari Pacifica Resort. The swimming pool facing the beach was anticipating … Continue reading “Pulau Redang, Malaysia paradise”

Coral View Resort: the right choice

We stayed at the Coral View Island Resort, a small hotel consisting of bungalows on the beach, for which we paid 655oMYR = 181 usd for 3 nights, double room with air conditioning, but without breakfast, which did not make much … Continue reading “Coral View Resort: the right choice”

Pulau Perhentian Besar, the best snorkeling in Malaysia

Pulau Perhentian is an island formed by two islands, the Perhentian Besar (area quieter and more for couples) and Perhentian Kecil (island busiest and most visited by backpackers. Important note: There is only ATM on the island) Getting there: Flight … Continue reading “Pulau Perhentian Besar, the best snorkeling in Malaysia”