Menorca, the pearl of the Balearics

Menorca is the second largest island of the Balearic archipelago. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is known for it’s beautiful beaches. It is easily reachable by plane, with direct flights from several cities, like for example: Madrid and … Continue reading “Menorca, the pearl of the Balearics”

ATLANTIS, the resort that challenges your limits

Created by the South African Sol Kerzner, this five star resort was opened in 1998 on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. But do not worry, because if you can not go to the Bahamas, has always another Atlantis in Dubai. … Continue reading “ATLANTIS, the resort that challenges your limits”

Bahamas: My first time on a cruise

Going on a cruise was never something I wanted to do. In my head a cruise was for older people and should be very annoying. But still I decided to try. And the truth is that I loved it! I boarded in Miami … Continue reading “Bahamas: My first time on a cruise”

Similan Islands, a dream islands in Thailand

The Similan Islands are a group of islands off the Andaman Sea, members of Phang Nga province and part of the Mu Ko Similian Park. The word Similian means nine, but now they are 11 islands that make up the group, being … Continue reading “Similan Islands, a dream islands in Thailand”

BOHOL, the island of the smallest primate in the world

Bohol is a province and island in the central region of Visayas, whose capital is Tagbilaran. It is also the 10th largest island in the Philippines and is divided by a bridge in two areas: the rural area and the … Continue reading “BOHOL, the island of the smallest primate in the world”

Snorkelling in Balicasag Marine Sanctuary and Virgin Island

I booked a trip to these islands for 2,000 php (€37.88) for two persons, which allowed us to manage the schedule at our way. At 7 am we were at Alona beach waiting for the boat that would take us … Continue reading “Snorkelling in Balicasag Marine Sanctuary and Virgin Island”

Lovely Azores (São Miguel Island)

I was looking forward to my trip to the Azores and the truth is that I was delighted with so much beauty. Despite being in Portugal, it has a unique beauty that I even forgot it was in my country. … Continue reading “Lovely Azores (São Miguel Island)”

Fez, the largest living medieval city in the world

Founded in 789 d.c., Fez is the second largest city of Morocco, following Casablanca, with an area of 89 square kilometers. This imperial city was for years the center of politics, title raised by Rabat, was the center of business, … Continue reading “Fez, the largest living medieval city in the world”

Patio Pacific Hotel – Boracay Island

MAIN FEATURES OF THE HOTEL – The hotel has two areas that are divided by the highway and is in an area walkable from the center of the island; – Inside the hotel there is direct access to the beach; … Continue reading “Patio Pacific Hotel – Boracay Island”


Upon arrival at the hotel I was impressed with the reception staff who welcomed me in a very loving way. The sun began to fade and then I went to one of the sun loungers available on the beach, to … Continue reading “COCO GROVE BEACH RESORT – SIQUIJOR”