Piódão – the “Christmas crib” village


Piódão is part of the historical villages of Portugal. It’s in the municipality of Arganil, district of Coimbra, having about 60 inhabitants.

Viewed from afar their homes form the shape of a Christmas crib, which gives it even more charm.

This village has the main feature of the houses built in schist, with roofs made of slate. The windows and doors are blue. Over many doors there are small wooden crosses, made on the basis of religious belief, to ask for protection of property and that the lives of its inhabitants goes well.


Once you arrive at the main square, you will face a square where the tourist office stands, cafes with outdoor tables selling typical products of the land, such as: potato bread,cheese, liqueurs …


For me, the landscape is only ruined by a restaurant built in modern lines.



Mother Church

This church is in the main square and has as patroness the Our Lady of Conception and it is here that all the population attend to church service on Sunday.


St. Peter’s Chapel

This chapel is in the middle of the village and has as its patron the Saint Peter, who is the patron saint of Piódão.


Fountain of the Algares

This fountain used to be the point of supply of the village, but today it serves to refresh the tourists and the locals.


Community Land

In the upper part of the village there is a communal floor that used to be used to work corn and rye in the last century.


Interpretative Center of Rock Art

In the town of Chãs de Água there is the interpretive center of rock art, a very important area of the county. The Center constitutes an important starting point for the analysis of almost a hundred engraved rocks.


Museological Nucleus of Piódão

It is the ideal place to gather more information about this historical village: from its history, to the handicraft passing through the traditions. Or even more practical issues like where to stay to sleep or where to eat.


River Beach

There is a river beach with a laser and wooded area around it, which is usually very populated in summer.


Foz de Égua River Beach

For me this is one of the most beautiful places in the village and also one of the most crowded, especially in summer. The fresh, clean water and wonderful surrounding landscape are the perfect combination.


Where to sleep:

I recommend staying in Inatel because it is a hotel with all amenities and with a view on the very beautiful village.


Typical dishes

The typical food is grilled trout and chanfana. I was reluctant to try it, because it’s not platters that appealed to me, but I was surrendered to the chanfana made at one of the restaurants in the village.


How not to love the Piódão and its lovely corners ???