My 2016 travel review

The year started off well with a flight to the Brazilian heat. I headed to Rio de Janeiro with two friends and the week’s plan was: take lots of sun, beach, walking on the boardwalk, eating well, shopping and sightseeing too.


A month later I was leaving for new destinations, returning to Singapore and the Philippines, this time with two friends. Singapore is a place I love to visit and I never get tired of going there, because I have always things to see.


The Philippines is no longer news to me, but I went to a new island: Boracay. It is a very touristy island, with little of the “purity” that I have found on the other islands in the country, but it has given me time to rest, to shop, to dance a lot and, above all, to make friendships that still last and some I believe are for life.




Two months later I was on my way to the island of São Miguel, in the Azores, which became my favorite destination of Portugal. The photos are enough to explain “this love”.


In June, when the heat still gave little sign in Portugal I headed to a destination that never appealed to me, but that made me delighted: Majorca. I think that what helped me to love the island, was the area where I stayed, Cala Ratjada, far from the hustle and bustle that is experienced in the cities facing the nightlife. Every day I knew a new beach and I feel that I really rested.


The year of travel abroad ended in September with a trip to Menorca. With a quieter pace of life than neighboring Maiorca, it is the ideal place for a romantic getaway or a family trip. The island is amazing with very different beaches, to the south with clear blue water and clear sand, to the north with red sand and darker water due to the rocks. But all amazing!


2016 was a year full with trips that filled my heart and soul, because for me traveling is this, a constant discovery of me, of others and of the world …