How to get the best of Siem Reap


Out the visit to the temples, theres not much to do in Siem Reap. Two or three days are more than enough to visit the city.


The Angkor Temples

Although Angkor Wat is the most famous temple, there are about 45 scattered around the temple city of Angkor. Select the ones that interest you and get ready to take a “bath” of history. See my article with all the tips.


Take part of Water Festival 

By coincidence, the day that I took to visit the city, was a very important day for the Cambodian population, and it was even a national holiday. They conclude among other feats, the course of the water changing, which is very important for fishing activities and for agriculture.

I loved watching closely the day celebrations.  The whole city mobilizes to see a pirogues contest that lasts all afternoon.

Each pirogue takes more than 30 crew and each represents a neighborhood of Siem Reap. Street dresses up for the ocassion, there is food for all tastes and the population joins in the river banks to support their team.

This celebration usually happens in November, but without exact date, so pay attention to the calendar.


A massage or a fish spa

Throughout the city, but with more choice at the outdoor market area, take the opportunity to relax by spending little money. Or do you think 5 euros for a 1 hour massage is too much?


Show off your dancing skills on Pub Street

The Pub Street is very easy to locate. With illuminated sign, this is the street for those seeking entertainment. I went to the Temple Club, a club with three floors, which in addition to disco serves food and where the animation is guaranteed. If you just want a drink and be dancing in a more relaxed environment, I advise the bar Angkor What?.


But the party also is on the street, click the link and know how.

Eating a traditional barbeque khmer

There are restaurants all over the city where you can eat the traditional bbq and I advise you to try, if only for the experience. Vegetables and noodles accompany snake meat, crocodile, kangaroo, frog legs, shrimp … The meats looks all the same, and tastes like rubber, but eat, even if to say to your friends that you have tasted this strange food.


Visit Wat Preach Prom Rath Temple

In the city center there is this temple that deserves a visit, if only to take some pictures.


Shopping at Market and bargain a lot !!!!!!!!!!!

If I thought the prices were on cheap on Thailand, here they are even cheaper, so bargain all. Good to buy hippie style clothes, not lacking the “famous” pants with elephants.


Stop in Sister Srey Coffee to eat something healthy

This European-style cafe is much frequented by foreigners, mainly for lonely travelers. The food is healthy, tasty and the atmosphere relaxed. Beyond that is attached to a solidarity project.


But if you want to taste something typical, you must eat the Fish Amok

The fish Amok is the most famous dish in Cambodia and is a fish made steamed in a curry coconut and served on banana leaf. Serve with rice. Most of the time is very spicy, so be careful.


Or if you want to indulge in something more exotic, eat insects as an appetizer

I confess that it is not one of my favorite snacks, but believe that they eat them with no problem. Maybe that’s why, I didn’t see cockroaches on the floor …



Try to see some thanksgiving ritual

I saw many thanksgiving rituals, but what I found most interesting was one that I attended when I was visiting the temples. I passed a house where a couple was being blessed with a water bath, as well as the house and the car. These are experiences that make me love to know different cultures.


Avoid to drive 

It’s chaos! Well, in Hanoi, Vietnam, traffic can be worse, but still, I do not ventured here. Is worth everything, from following in the opposite direction to 4 people on a motorcycle…


To consider a visit to the Tonle Sap Lake and the Floating Fishing Village

This was one of the tours I had scheduled, but after doing some research, I realized that the excursions to this place, is often involved in schemes… Theres no fixed price and they charge you whatever they want. I was so glad with everything that I had experienced that I decided not to go.

tonle sap

Sleep in relaxation at Villa Um Theara

This small hotel with no more than ten rooms, was at the reasonable cost of 20 euros night for a double room. Breakfast is included, rooms have AC and even has a pool to cool off. All this in the city center, but without feeling that is in the middle of confusion.


Getting there / departing:

– I arrived by plane with Vietnam Airlines, coming from Da Nang. The visa you do at the entrance, at the airport, you just need a passport size photo. It costs 25 USD.

– I left by bus in direction to Thailand, to live the spirit of crossing the border on foot. It was an adventure that I don’t recommend. And the price is almost the same as the plane. It took me 10 hours to get to Bangkok, in a van of 12 people, but with 15… on roads filled with holes and bumps, with lots of stops in between. It seemed like a nightmare, that was only attenuated by the friendly conversation with the other passengers.