Sri Lanka – The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

The ancient Kingdom of Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka, is still not on the map for many travelers, being almost like a second choice or a travelling extension when visiting India or the Maldives. I used to think of … Continue reading “Sri Lanka – The Pearl of the Indian Ocean”

Maldives at low cost, the new trend

When people recommended me to visit Maldives, my first thought would be …”I’m not rich!” But times have changed and making the Maldives in a low-cost budget is a trend, even because it turns the whole experience much more real. … Continue reading “Maldives at low cost, the new trend”

Discovering Phuket

Phuket is a destination where I’ve been four times, but most of them as a way to move to other islands without ever giving it a chance to stop by and live it. The Emirates route, connecting Dubai to Phuket … Continue reading “Discovering Phuket”

Angkor Temples? Check!

Siem Reap is one of the largest cities of Cambodia and certainly the most visited by tourists, because it is the closest place of the Angkor temples. Located just over 5 kilometers north of Siem Reap is the area of … Continue reading “Angkor Temples? Check!”


The word Bali, which named the island in the ninth century, comes from the word Wali. Wali or Wari was used by natives in the act of worship, the “sacrifice offered to God,” the “worship”, the “cult” or “offering”. As it is known, … Continue reading “BALI – THE ISLAND OF GODS”

Similan Islands, a dream islands in Thailand

The Similan Islands are a group of islands off the Andaman Sea, members of Phang Nga province and part of the Mu Ko Similian Park. The word Similian means nine, but now they are 11 islands that make up the group, being … Continue reading “Similan Islands, a dream islands in Thailand”

Chiang Mai: the second largest city in Thailand

CHIANG MAI FACTS – It is the 2nd largest city in Thailand – Located 800 kilometers north of Bangkok – It has more than 300 Buddhist temples, called “watts” – It is the cultural center of Northern Thailand – Founded … Continue reading “Chiang Mai: the second largest city in Thailand”

BOHOL, the island of the smallest primate in the world

Bohol is a province and island in the central region of Visayas, whose capital is Tagbilaran. It is also the 10th largest island in the Philippines and is divided by a bridge in two areas: the rural area and the … Continue reading “BOHOL, the island of the smallest primate in the world”